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Sprachlernberatung - What does this mean?


Sprachlernberatung is an exploration and training of methods and strategies for language learning.

  • There is no direct "teaching" of language or linguistic elements involved. Instead, we focus on the exploration and development of strategies, that can help to indepedendly continue leaerning and developing ones languages.
  • There are no fixed lessons prepared, but instead we focus on the questions and issues of the participants. We try to reflect and react upon your questions and needs in a way that fits and benefits you individually.
    For this reason, your active participation is key for this concept to work out.

  • Because of the face-to-face situation, you can receive an individual feedback -- here we have an entirely different and more intimate situation compared to regular course lessons.

What can I do here?

  • You talk with the tutors about the corresponding counselling area and reflect upon things that work out well or not so well for you and your language learning.

  • For these issues you still perceive difficulties with, we will think about different strategies that can be introduced, discussed and tried out during the counselling sessions in order to lessen the particular difficulties that trouble you.

  • Through this process, your individual language learning shall be supported.

  • Furthermore, the counselling session can help develop a raised ability to reflect and organize your language learning and pragmatic language usage, including all your linguistic ressources as it fits best to solve or accomplish communicative tasks and actions.

  • After the counselling, participants should be able to use strategies of their strategy-repertoire indipendendly.

  • All in all, a preparation for specific examinations can be supported and accompanied -- but beyond that, we want to develop skills that help with your live-long learning in the future; thus, the process of learning itself is focused, rather than products or outcomes of specific communicative tasks or actions.

What do we not do here?

  • The Sprachlernberatung is neither teaching / language lessons, nor a private tutoring for homework.

Who does participate?

  • The advising tutor and you (Participant of an IIK intensive course)

When do we meet?

  • You arrange individual meeting dates with the advisor.

How can I register?

  • Please write an email to: rahmenprogramm@iik-goettingen.de. Please state your firstname, lastname, the course you participate in and the counselling areas you want to enroll for. The advisors will contact you per email shortly after your registration.

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