Writing advice

What is that?

A conversation about your writing, where you can share your experiences with and questions about writing for us to jointly search for strategies to help you. It is an offer for students who want to strategically develop their writing.

For whom is this?

Counselling is open to interested persons who have at least B1 level.

What do we do here?

First you can tell about your expectations: What is difficult for you, where do you need support? We will talk about your learning biography: Which languages have you learned already? What kind of texts did you write? Can your experiences help you anyhow with writing in german?

Together with the advisor you will try to find strategies that can help you. Exemplary topics in our counselling could be: How can I find ideas for a text? How can I write a stuctured or logical text? How can I start writing the first sentences?

Using exemplary writing tasks we can try strategies you may be familiar or unfamiliar with. The goal is for you to be able to write texts in future without any help in a structured and confident way.

How does it benefit me?

Writing is an important part of communication for our whole life. In our writing advice, you can explore which styles and strategies are comfortable or working out for you. You will learn a lot about yourself and will be able to use and develop your writing strategies your whole life.

Who is participating?

The counselling is held in individual sessions. You and your advisor participate.

Xuan Chen

Xuan Chen has been working at the IIK since October 2021. She is studying Intercultural German Studies/German as a Foreign Language in the Master's programme and is currently taking the Certificate in Writing Advice.

In the process of her studies, she has developed a great interest in the didactics of writing, especially appreciating the added value of multilingualism as a resource for writing. She speaks Chinese as her first language and also knows German and English. To study in Germany, Xuan herself has a lot of experience as a DaF learner and with the TestDaF exam.

From her point of view, learning to write and improving your writing means much more than just passing a language exam; it also benefits your studies, your everyday life and your future work. She is always happy to accompany and support you on your way to better writing.


How can I register?

You can easily register on our registration form. The advisors will contact you per email shortly after your registration.

If you have any questions, you can contact the supporting team: rahmenprogramm@iik-goettingen.de

When and where is that?

You make an individual appointment with the counsellor. The counselling sessions last 45 minutes. We meet every 2-4 weeks.

The counselling sessions usually take place online.


Q: Do I need to bring any equipment?

A: You can bring your course books and texts if you want.

Q: Do you correct my texts?

A: Sometimes we can give you feedback for your texts. However, our focus lies in the process of writing. If you are mainly interested in getting a correction of your mistakes, have a visit in our tutorial.

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