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At IIK Göttingen we offer different free courses for people who had to leave their home country.

Prospective students can take part in our regular language course programme if they apply for a scholarship in the Integra programme from the DAAD.

People with no or little knowledge of German can attend first basic courses in German, which make everyday life easier by learning the basics of the language.

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You have been a refugee from your home country and you are considering to study at the University of Göttingen?

The Institute for Intercultural Communication e. V. (IIK), in cooperation with Göttingen International, offers refugees recognised in Germany the opportunity to take part in our intensive courses free of charge as part of the INTEGRA programme from the DAAD.

If you would like to take part in our course offer, you must first apply for admission to the INTEGRA programme.

The prerequisite for a free place in a study-preparatory German course is that the International Student Office of the University of Göttingen has confirmed your academic eligibility.

If you receive an acceptance, you can participate in our language course programme.

Application and registration:
  1. Application

In order to determine your academic eligibility, the following documents must be submitted by e-mail to the International Student Office of the University of Göttingen:

    • previous degree certificates from your home country in German, English or French
    • a refugee certificate showing name, nationality and date of birth

Ukraine updated:

Ukrainian refugees with a student background who want to continue their studies in Germany in the future also have the opportunity to learn German free of charge at the IIK Göttingen.

Proof of the following is required for an application for cost coverage:

  • Ukrainian citizenship (passport/identity card)
  • student ID/registration certificate for the current semester, school graduation certificate if applicable

Please send all proofs including an e-mail address of the applicant by e-mail to the University of Göttingen.

Contact person: Mr. Alexander Görres

Contact address:

Office hours: currently only by email

  1. Registration:

If you receive an acceptance letter, you can register for the intensive course programme at the IIK. We will then check whether there are free places and notify you by e-mail.

The registration takes place online: Online registration

The IIK's intensive German course programme for qualified refugees at a glance:
  • Depending on your language skills, you will attend language courses at levels A1 to C1 (CEFR).
  • To prepare for the DSH, you attend special preparatory courses which are geared towards the skill areas that will be tested in the examinations.
  • We reserve a place for you in the DSH at the University of Göttingen

With this programme you will receive

  • a linguistic preparation for starting a university course of study
  • an introduction to German academic culture
  • support for self-organised learning
  • In order to create an inclusive learning atmosphere, the course concept provides for the participating refugees to have lessons together with persons without a refugee background.

The language courses are supplemented by

  • language learning counselling in four different areas
  • language tandem programme
  • Workshops on various topics in the field of study preparation

In addition, the IIK offers

  • Contacts to various courses of study and individual counselling to prepare for university life,
  • Referrals to legal as well as psychological counselling centres and support services.

Further important information:

  • The DAAD covers the course fees and the costs of textbooks. Travel costs for participants from the districts of Göttingen and Northeim can be requested individually. The fees for the DSH examination (70 €) must be paid by the participants themselves.
  • Please talk to your case manager or caseworker about whether you are obliged to take an integration course and when you have to take it. The language courses at the IIK are not integration courses, but German courses that prepare you for university studies. Please ask your case manager or caseworker how you can reconcile our language courses and the integration requirements that are important for your stay in Germany.

Further information for prospective students:

Counselling services offered by the University of Göttingen


Study options for refugees

In order to simplify the arrival in Germany, we are offering again 2 free German courses from 29.08.2022!

The courses are for people with no or little knowledge of German.

Necessary qualifications: good knowledge of the Latin alphabet.

The focus of these language courses is on the basic language skills for everyday life in German to make it easier to arrive and find your way in the new environment.

For parents with children aged 3-6, we offer a course with childcare. Here, the children are looked after by professionals close to the parents for the duration of the language course.

Basic course "German A1.2" (without childcare)

29.08. - 01.12.2022

3x per week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)

09:00 - 11:30

At the moment all places are reserved, but we can put you on the waiting list!

Basic course "German for Parents A1.1" (with child care)

29.08. - 01.12.2022

3x per week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)

09:00 - 11:30

At the moment all places are reserved, but we can put you on the waiting list!

These courses are made possible through the generous support of the Rotary Clubs of Göttingen. We would like to say a big thank you!

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