Information on our course programme

We offer intensive courses at levels A1-C1 CEFR for university applicants and other interested persons.

Our intensive courses last 5-6 weeks with 20-25 lessons per week with your teacher. That is 5-6 lessons per day from Monday to Thursday. Our intensive courses from A1-B1 always take place in the afternoon, from B1plus-C1 you have lessons in the morning.

In addition, you can take part in tutorials, language learning consultations and open tutorials on Fridays or by individual arrangement - these are already included in your course price!

At the end of each 5-6 week level you will receive a graded certificate.


Our courses are the right choice for you if you:

...want to learn German quickly in an intensive specialised programme

...are prepared to spend about 2 hours a day on self-study projects and homework in addition to the lessons

...want to focus on academic methods and topics from A1 onwards

...would like to broaden your horizons in international learning groups

  At each level we use modern & well-established teaching methods, an up-to-date textbook and other materials to suit your exact needs.

  Your experienced teachers and tutors are all qualified in German as a foreign language and look forward to supporting you in your learning process.


You are right in the A1/A2 courses if you have little or no experience in German.
The focus is on practical communication in both general and scientific German. It is important to us that our participants develop language competence and a linguistic sense. The lessons in the basic level include the four skills "speaking, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and writing". In addition, you will acquire and train all the important basics in grammar and vocabulary.


B1 or B1plus are the right courses for you if you already have a basic knowledge of the German language.

In B1 you will lay the foundation for your future language success: In communicative lessons you will intensively train all the important basic structures of the German language and how to use them. Extensive grammar exercises, initial text competence tasks and practice-oriented oral units await you.In B1plus you will extend the knowledge from B1 and apply it to complex structures. You will expand your vocabulary and strengthen your competences in all skill areas. B1plus is not a repetition of B1, but a consolidation and optimally prepares you for the demanding language requirements of the upper level.


The upper level is aimed at learners who want to take a German language exam for university entrance and study or work in Germany.

In these courses, you will build on your knowledge from the basic and intermediate levels and complete your skills and abilities in general and academic German.

You will develop your language skills through discussions, debates and communicative activities such as role plays, partner or group work. In writing, you will train to compose coherent argumentations and thus take your first steps towards scientific texts. After the course, you will be able to lead a discussion as well as confidently apply different communication styles. You will also acquire important knowledge and strategies to be able to understand demanding written and oral texts.

The upper level courses include a compulsory "Competence Training Study Skills", which always takes place on Fridays.

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Intensive German Courses

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Preparatory German Courses
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Courses for International Students & Employees
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