Online Courses for prospective students

Online courses for prospective students:

We stay in contact!

With our six-week online intensive courses, we offer you a classroom-like course experience and at the same time you can participate flexibly from home.

You meet with your learning group in the virtual classroom and work independently on exercises and learning projects that are always adapted to your learning group.

Our experienced teachers and learning consultants, who have been specially trained for the digital classroom situation, will be in contact with you during the course and provide you with feedback and support as in classroom teaching.

Parallel to the course, you will attend our language learning consultation and tutorial, where you will continue to work on learning methods and topics from the classroom individually and according to your own needs.

Our offer at a short overview:

  • 150 teaching units (this corresponds to approx. 5-7 hours learning time per day) in approx. 6 weeks
  • Language instruction in all skill areas (speaking, listening, reading, text production)
  • At least 2 synchronous teaching units per day
  • Graded certificate at the end of the course
  • Access to the learning platform of the course at any time
  • Individual (from A1) and course-accompanying (from B2.1) language learning counselling in various areas of competence
  • Online tutorial once a week

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Institut für Interkulturelle Kommunikation
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Katja Uhlemann & Upul de Silva
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Carsten Manns
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