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Accommodation - Where can I stay during the summer course?


examples of rooms in a student hall

We can only offer to arrange rooms which are sublets of students and other citizens of Göttingen during the month of August. We cannot arrange a stay with a guest family, unfortunately. We only arrange rooms for student groups of the following partner universities of our international summer course: Beijing Dexin Cultural Exchange Startup/Ltd., Chosun University, EWHA Womans University, INU, Jinan University (lecturer Liu), Kansai University, Moscow State Academy for Water Transport and National Research Nuclear University "MEPhI" (lecturer Musagulova), SYNU (lecturer Guo), UPEC.
► You pay a rental price of € 360 (euro) per person and room for the complete period of the summer course (August 1-29, 2020). This includes: the rent including utilities, a fee of € 10 for the bedding/covers/linen, and a service fee of
€ 40 for the room arrangement. If the total amount should be less than € 360, we will refund the difference to you in cash on the first day of the course. If the total amount should be more than € 360, we will pay the difference ourselves.
► The rooms are basic and plain single rooms, furnished student-style, meals not being provided.
► Usually, the kitchen and bathroom facilities need to be shared with other inhabitants.
► We only arrange rooms in Göttingen which are located centrally enough to either walk or ride by bike to the central campus. On arrival day and on the first day of class we will provide information on cheap possibilities to rent a bike. Alternatively, you can use town buses.
The International Summer Course is not the landlord/lessor of the rooms, we only arrange the sublet/rental contract. If there is a security deposit to be paid, you will pay it directly in cash to the landlord/lessor upon arrival and the landlord/lessor will refund you in cash upon departure if there are no damages. You will need to clean the room yourself at the end of the summer course.
► Please note that you can't use your room before 12 noon on Saturday, 1st of August and after 11:00 in the morning on Saturday, 29th of August.

Participants who register individually need to find accomodation on their own, i.e. by using the following websites:

The number of room offers will rise when August approaches - you will find the highest number of room offers from May to July.


Food - Where can I get something to eat?


lunch at the "Zentralmensa"

► From Monday to Saturday, you can get breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as snacks at the university cafeteria (Zentralmensa) and in the cafés on campus. Lunch meals are the most low priced in comparison, prices for
lunch meals range from € 1.65 to € 4.65. The selection of dishes is relatively large: stews, salads, vegetarian and vegan dishes and much more is available. →Mensa menu
► Alternatively, you can prepare all your meals in the communal kitchens in the student halls of residence.  However, pots and dishes ar not in stock in all residences - if you plan to cook a lot, we would advise you to bring some along.
► There are also many cafés, restaurants and fast food places in the old town of Göttingen.


Getting here

Arrival Day: , SATURDAY, August 1, 2020, from 12 noon to 7 p.m. in the evening (19:00)
Departure Day: Saturday, August 29, 2020, until 11 a.m. in the morning
On Friday, August 28th you will still get your ECTS-certificates in a ceremony in the afternoon and in the evening a farewell party will take place.


SK_Fot22After reaching Göttingen please come first to our ARRIVAL OFFICE (Käte-Hamburger-Weg 6 = different address than our regular office). Unfortunately, we cannot pick you up at the train station in Göttingen. But it is very simple to get from the train station to our arrival office. You can either walk or take a bus or taxi. You can find directions and a map among the links on the right side.
In the arrival office you will receive your room keys and further information, you can drink and eat something, then our tutors will take you to your student hall.


On the day of arrival (Saturday, 1/8) the arrival office is open from 12 noon to 7 p.m. in the evening (19:00).
Please call us, if you have problems on 1/08 and may arrive in Göttingen later or the next day:
+49-176-54 53 89 09
Our arrival office will be closed on 02/08 or any later day - if you cannot arrive on 01/08 we need to arrange an extra meeting by phone or e-mail, so you can get your room keys.
We are very sorry about it, but: In case you are planning to arrive in Göttingen before the 1st or to leave Göttingen after the 29th, you`ll have to stay somewhere else for the other nights, unfortunately, for example in a hostel or hotel (see also links on the right side).


Getting here by airplane

The nearest airport is →Hanover (HAJ) which you can reach with long-distance airlines as well as with several inner-European budget airlines (i.e. eurowings, tuifly). From the airport Hanover (in German: Hannover) you can take a S-Bahn to the main train station Hanover and take a train (DB – Deutsche Bahn) or a long distance bus (see below) to Göttingen. Duration by train: 1-2 hours, train fare: € 20-40 (depending on the train)¹/².

The largest airport in Germany is →Frankfurt am Main (FRA). Most of the time flight tickets to Frankfurt are cheaper than to Hanover. There is also a train station at the airport in Frankfurt and you can take a train or long distance bus to Göttingen from there (sometimes via main train station Frankfurt). Duration by train: 2 - 4½ hours, train fare:
€ 20-69 (depending on the train: slow trains leave from Frankfurt Flughafen Regionalbahnhof and fast trains leave from Frankfurt Flughafen Fernbahnhof).¹

Also the airports in →Hamburg (HAM) or →Bremen (BRE) are good choices to get to Göttingen. From the airport Hamburg or Bremen you can take a city train (S-Bahn) to the main train station and take a train to Göttingen from there or you can take a long distance bus directly from the airport.
Duration by train: 2½ -4½ hours, train fare: € 20-73 (depending on the train)¹/².

¹For a cheaper (but slower) train connection, please choose "only local transport (nur Nahverkehr)" as means of transport when looking for the specific connections in the "→Travel Information (Reiseauskunft)". However, with some luck you might find saver fare tickets for fast connections as well.
²From Hanover, Hamburg or Bremen you can use a “→Niedersachsen-Ticket” for local trains to Göttingen. This regional ticket is valid from 9 a.m. on and costs € 23 for one person, € 27 for two, € 31 for three... (maximum of 5 people). Buy the Niedersachsen-Ticket either at an automat in the train station or online beforehand. If you buy it at the "Reisezentrum"-counter in the train station it costs € 2 more.

P1010330HGetting here by train

Göttingen has direct rail connections to almost all large cities in Germany. Paneuropean trains will stop here as well as various intercity express trains and short distance trains. You can find information concerning connections and costs at the website of the German Railway “Deutsche Bahn” (→ or directly → There are information for passengers from UK/Ireland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and "Other" countries.
You can find information concerning the specific connections, if you go to "→Reiseauskunft". The information of that page are available in different languages as well. Following these links you can already book an online train ticket in advance while still in your home country and print it at home. If you book your ticket several weeks in advance, you might still get “saver fares” which are usually a lot cheaper than regular tickets. If you plan to take several long-distance trips in Germany during the time of your stay and want to use express train you might also consider buying a →German Rail Pass.

CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE: Getting here by bus

Various long-distance busses stop in Göttingen - their tickets are often a lot cheaper than train tickets. Please ask for a bus in a travel agency close to you for connections from your home country.
You can also take a cheap bus from Frankfurt, Hamburg, Bremen or Hannover (airport or main train station) to Göttingen - tickets costs between 10 and 30 euros.
Further information: → or → or → - online tickets available.
You will probably arrive at the bus stop/station "Zoologisches Institut" / ZOB next to the train station.

Getting here by car

Göttingen has a central location in Germany: the city is located along Autobahn 7 (A7), which runs from Munich to Hamburg. Take the exit No. 73 Göttingen / Dransfeld and follow the big road to the city centre for about 3 km.
Make a left turn into the Berliner Straße as soon as you have driven below the train tracks. You will see the train station on your left side. Follow the road leading into a slight right turn. After having passed two traffic lights you will see the long Botanical Gardens Wall on your right. Turn left at the next traffic lights into Goßlerstraße. Take the first right past a barrier in Käte-Hamburger-Weg (in case the barrier is closed, ring the bell and tell them “zum Lektorat Deutsch als Fremdsprache”). Here you can find a parking space and walk the rest of the way to the yellow brick building with a flat roof on the right side of the street (#6).

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accommodation possibilities before 02/08 or after 30/08

Hostel 37
B&B Hotel Göttingen-City
Youth Hostel Göttingen
Reservation Service by Tourist Office


If you are looking for a private temporary rent/sublet:


Getting here by train

Deutsche Bahn - travel information (specific connections)
German Rail for international guests


Getting here by bus


town buses


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