German language lessons:

SK4How many language lessons will I have?

The compulsory language course alone consists of a total of
78 general language lessons. One lesson is 45 minutes.
Lessons take place in the mornings Monday to Friday
from 9:15 to 10:45 and 11:15 to 12:45 (= 4 lessons).
On Wed 12/8 and Wed 19/8 additional lessons will take place from 14:15-15:45 in the afternoon.
These 78 lessons are compulsory for all participants who want to gain a certificate in the end of the course.

In the afternoons, participants can join 20 lessons of optional tutorials to further practise their different skills or work on different topics in project groups:

IIK_23● Phonetics
● Oral German / Conversation
● Workshop on Literature & Creative Writing
● depending on the level mini projects on topics like typical German, migration, proverbs, German pop, improv/drama games et al.

These tutorials are included in the course fee.

Futhermore, you can participate in many further
free extracurricular activities which will take place in the afternoons and evenings, i.e. movie nights, choir, sports, cooking, international cultural evenings, dance evening, parties, hikes, excursions, etc. → more information on the extracurricular activities

IIK_24_800How many different course levels will be offered?

We offer at least 9 courses for different levels:
from Basic Level A1.1 to Advanced Level C1. An approriate level is assessed for each student by means of a written placement test which takes place on Monday, 03/08/2020. On Tuesday, 04/08 you will have your first German lessons during which you and your teacher will test if your speaking skills and listening comprehension also match the assessed level. We aim to form groups of students with similar language skills and with an average of 12-15 participants in each level. Each summer course level correlates with half a level according to CEFR (i.e. B1.1 or B1.2, not the complete B1 level).

IIK_22Can I change the level after the placement test?

If you feel that you were placed in a level which is too easy or too difficult for you, you can talk to the teacher and change levels during the first 3 days of class (until Thursday, 6th, 12:45).

Who will teach me?

All teachers have years of experience in the field of German as a Foreign Language (Deutsch als Fremdsprache or DaF), both in and outside of the university. In the optional tutorials students of didactics and methodology of German as a Foreign Language will practise conversation, pronunciation and writing skills with you.

IIK_28How will the course be taught?

Lessons will cover all four skills (speaking, writing, listening, reading) as well as grammar and special vocabulary training. However, the focus in all levels will be on the improvement of your oral communication skills. Textbooks and depending on the level material collected and prepared by the teachers are used in lessons (i.e. texts addressing current cultural and scientific topis, literary texts and newspaper articles).

Zeugnisübergabe in der Aula der Universität

certificate ceremony in the assembly hall of the university

Will I receive a certificate in the end?

All participants can receive an ECTS certificate (European Credit Transfer System) upon finishing the course. This requires regular attendance as well as successful participation (score of at least 50%) in the tests/presentations conducted during the instructional period. You get 6 credit points for attendance and passing the tests/presentations.
A grade (A-E) will be given to evaluate your performance.

In what way are the course levels different?

The appropriate level will be assessed by means of a placement test in Göttingen.

IIK_27What does Basic Level stand for?

Basic Level is for beginners with no or little prior knowledge. At this level basic knowledge of the language can be acquired or expanded. Students will be given guidance in exercises for listening and reading comprehension, as well as in oral exercises, vocabulary expansion, grammar and phonetics.

What does Intermediate Level stand for?

Good prior knowledge of grammar and vocabulary is required for participation in an Intermediate Level. The participants should be U3capable of reading texts, such as newspapers, and they should be capable of understanding simple authentic language recordings, such as short reports or excerpts from radio broadcasts. In addition, they should be able to discuss current topics or to compose longer written texts. Students will be guided in grammar exercises, vocabulary development and conversational practice, as well as in excercises for reading and listening comprehension, and exercises for creative writing.

IIK_25_800What does Advanced Level stand for?

Excellent German skills are required for participation in the Advanced Level. The participants should be able to prepare oral presentations and understand authentic recordings. The Advanced Level course especially incorporates textual analysis, presentations, discussion and argumentation, exercises for creative and professional writing, and exercises focusing on specially selected questions on grammar.

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