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Intensive German Language Course 7 September - 30 September 2020

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    A) You are coming as exchange student with an ERASMUS+ programme.B) You are coming as exchange student with a different partnership programme.C) You are already a regular degree student at Göttingen University.D) You will be a regular degree student at Göttingen University from winter semester 2020/21 on.E) You are coming as external participant to Göttingen (only for the intensive German course).
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    What is your current German level (i.e. A2 or B2.1)?
    For how long have you studied German (i.e. how many lessons)?
    What course book are you currently using (i.e. DaF kompakt neu A1, Aspekte neu B2)?
    What German language exam did you take/pass (i.e. Goethe B1, DSH)?
    Have you taken a German language course of our institute (IIK Göttingen) before? noyes

    What language course level would you like to attend in the mornings?

    Precondition for the desired level are adequate language skills.
    The final allocation will take place only after the placement test in Göttingen.
    basic level A1.2basic level A2.1basic level A2.2intermediate level B1.1intermediate level B1.2intermediate level B2.2advanced level C1

    What language course focus would you like to attend in the afternoons?

    Precondition for participating in the "introduction to academic communication" is an intermediate knowledge of German.
    Participants of the basic level: please choose the "additional general German lessons" instead.
    Humanities & Social SciencesLawEconomicsNatural SciencesAdditional general German lessons for participants of levels A1 resp. A2

    How did you get to know about our intensive German language course?
    your home universityinternational office of Göttingen Universitywebsite of the autumn courseprinted flyer of IIK Göttingenwebsite or brochure of DAADrecommendation by your teacherrecommendation by friend/fellow studentrecommendation by a former participant

    I hereby wish to register for the following intensive German course: International Autumn Course, 06 September - 30 September 2021 at Göttingen University

    I have read the information of the autumn course website. I confirm that my state of health allows me to participate in the intensive course and that I am adequately insured. On receipt of confirmation of registration I will credit the bank account of the Institute for Intercultural Communication (IIK) to the sum of the course fee (you will get the bank information together with your confirmation of registration). Registration will come to effect only on arrival of the full amount.


    IIK collects, uses and saves your personal data for administrative purposes only (course organisation and finances). This information can only be provided to a third party where it relates to participants’ financial support or for billing purposes. These third parties include the University of Göttingen, the DAAD or foundations paying course fees on a participant’s behalf. This declaration of consent can be withdrawn at any time, however, this may result in the support being discontinued.

    I hereby consent to the use of my personal information as described above.

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