For university applicants

intensive courses &
exam preparation
(DSH & TestDaF)
You want to study German in order to apply for a full time study programme in Germany? We offer intensive courses for levels A2 to C1 all year round. Additionally you can take crash courses for a systematic preparation for the language exams DSH and TestDaF.

German courses for refugees

Free-of-charge: language courses for academically qualified refugees
For people who had to flee their home countries and want to study / continue their studies at university in Germany. The places free-of-charge are supported by the funding programme »Integrating Refugees in Degree Programmes (Integra)« of the DAAD.


summer courses, crash courses, evening courses
For international students, employees, visiting scholars and also for groups from partner universities and other persons interested. We offer intensive summer courses and crash courses during the lecture-free periods as well as evening courses and crash courses during the semester / lecture period.


new offer for international students, graduates, and employees

IIK Göttingen

Institut für Interkulturelle Kommunikation e.V.

Promoting the internationalization of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen and the Göttingen region in general is a central objective of the Institute for Intercultural Communication (IIK e.V.). Located on campus, our non-profit association operates in close cooperation with the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen and the Bildungswerk ver.di (Educational Institute of the United Service Union in Lower Saxony). Additionally, the IIK is a member of the non-profit organization "Professional Association German as a Foreign Language (FaDaF)" and has therefore signed a voluntary declaration of commitment to uphold high standards in teaching by ensuring that teachers are properly qualified and paid a fair wage, that the learning and teaching environment and conditions are conducive to good learning, and by carrying out objective evaluation.

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    Institut für Interkulturelle Kommunikation
    IIK Göttingen e.V.

    Heinrich-Düker-Weg 12
    37073 Göttingen

    Intensive German Courses

    in cooperation with the
    Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

    Preparatory German Courses
    Preparatory German Courses online
    DSH / TestDaF Crash Courses

    Katja Uhlemann & Upul de Silva
    room 0.112

    → e-mail
    → website

    phone: +49 - (0)551 - 39 - 211 97
    fax: +49 - (0)551 - 39 - 211 96

    office hours: at the moment only via telephone

    Mo - Fr 09-12 a.m.

    -->We would be happy to arrange a telephone appointment at other times by e-mail.


    Goettingen Online Intensive
    Erasmus Courses
    Managing Director IIK e.V.

    Carsten Manns
    room 0.113

    → e-mail
    → website
    phone: +49 - (0)551 - 39 - 211 99
    fax: +49 - (0)551 - 39 - 211 96

    office hours:

    by agreement

    → Online Meetingroom


    Chairwoman of the board IIK e.V.

    Dr. Melanie Brinkschulte
    room 0.140

    → e-mail
    → website
    phone: +49 - (0)551 - 39 - 211 93
    fax: +49 - (0)551 - 39 - 211 96

    office hours:

    by agreement


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