About us

IIK_U_2IIK Göttingen - our goals:

In cooperation with the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen the Institute for Intercultural Communication (IIK) e.V. would like to contribute intensely to the promotion of the internationalization of the university and the Göttingen region. We try to accomplish this goal by conducting language courses and advanced trainings in the field of German as a Foreign Language. Furthermore, our non-profit association (which is located on campus) promotes various other projects which deal with German as a foreign language or intercultural communication in the broadest sense.

Göttingen as an attractive place for students

The IIK operates in close cooperation with the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen and the Bildungswerk ver.di (Educational Institute of the United Service Union in Lower Saxony). Additionally, the IIK is a member of the non-profit organization "Professional Association German as a Foreign Language (FaDaF)" and has therefore signed a voluntary declaration of commitment in order to uphold high standards in teaching by ensuring that teachers are properly qualified and paid a fair wage, that the learning and teaching environment and conditions are conducive to good learning, and by carrying out objective evaluation.