Accommodation - Where can I stay during the summer course?


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Participants who register individually need to find accomodation on their own, i.e. by using the following websites:

The number of room offers will rise when August approaches - you will find the highest number of room offers from May to July.

We only arrange rooms for student groups of the following partner universities of our international summer course:

France: UPEC (Université Paris-Est Créteil)
Korea: EWHA Womans University, Chosun University
Portugal/Spain: winners of the DAAD video contest

For the accomodation of the student groups of our partner universities (see above) the following applies:
We can only offer to arrange rooms which are sublets of students and other citizens of Göttingen during the month of August. We cannot arrange a stay with a guest family, unfortunately.
► You pay a rental price of € 400 (euro) per person and room for the month of August (August 1-31, 2023). This includes: the rent including utilities, a fee of € 10 for the bedding/covers/linen, and a service fee of
€ 40 for the room arrangement.
If the total amount should be less than € 400, we will refund the difference to you in cash on the first day of the course. If the total amount should be more than € 400, we will pay the difference ourselves.
► The rooms are basic and plain single rooms, furnished student-style, meals not being provided.
► Usually, the kitchen and bathroom facilities need to be shared with other inhabitants.
► We only arrange rooms in Göttingen which are located centrally enough to either walk or ride by bike to the central campus. On arrival day and on the first day of class we will provide information on cheap possibilities to rent a bike. Alternatively, you can use town buses.
The International Summer Course is not the landlord/lessor of the rooms, we only arrange the sublet/rental contract. If there is a security deposit to be paid, you will pay it directly in cash to the landlord/lessor upon arrival and the landlord/lessor will refund you in cash upon departure if there are no damages. You will need to clean the room yourself at the end of the summer course.
► Please note that you can't use your room before 1st of August and after 31 of August, unless you agree on different dates/times with your landlord/lessor.

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accommodation possibilities before 01/08 or after 31/08

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